We help companies and organizations

enter new markets, grow, and succeed.



We are experts at helping clients navigate the complex process of market entry, positioning, operationalization, growth, and success. Global Connex is a boutique firm with the infrastructure and expertise to partner with you every step of the way, from brand and market entry strategy to established industry leader.

​We help you:

  • Fully operationalize your business in the U.S

  • Grow sales, profits, and market share

  • Build your brand equity and business value

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We provide our clients with highly-personalized service. Because that’s the way we like to work. It also ensures that our clients get going as quickly, efficiently, and successfully as possible. Once you’re rolling, if you need additional services to continue to grow, we can be your partner every step of the way.

Urban Planning


Develop Brand and Market Entry Strategy

  • Understand the market, including your consumers, customers, competitors,   industry, technology, environment, and trends

  • Identify the opportunities for growth

  • Develop the brand strategy

  • Develop the market entry strategy(ies)

Business Office


Operationalize the Business

  • Develop and test creative concepts and messaging

  • Produce a detailed strategic and tactical plan for success

  • Assemble and structure the optimal team 

  • Execute detailed steps to optimize long term sales and profits the U. S. market

Construction Site



  • Work as a seamless team to help implement the strategic and tactical plan to achieve your objectives

  • Constantly measure and adjust to grow sales, profits, and market share 

  • Work closely and diligently to create, and capitalize on, all opportunities

Cargo Ship



  • Focus on innovative strategies, flawless execution, and stakeholder management to achieve and sustain market leadership

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Our Story


I founded Global Connex because I kept hearing from business leaders

around the world that very few resources exist (private or public) to help companies enter the U.S. market. Some companies end up turning to law firms to assist them, but law firms the necessary strategic and business capabilities to be successful. Others attempt to assemble a patchwork of resources, which can’t deliver the holistic support, agile collaboration, and deep trust required to succeed in the complex US market.


I realized that my network, expertise, and professional interests were perfectly aligned to meet this important need. So, in 2022 I sold my U.S.-based strategic communications business, which I had grown to 180 full time professionals in more than 20 offices in 15 states, to focus on building agile, full-support teams to help organizations with market entry, positioning, operationalization, growth, and success.

I look forward to introducing you to the Global Connex team.  -Eric

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Our team of infrastructure experts works closely with you to provide seamless strategic guidance and tactical execution in all the areas necessary for success and growth in the US market.

  • Brand and market entry strategy

  • Business strategy and planning

  • Marketing strategy and implementation

  • Advertising, digital, and social media

  • Operations

  • Distribution

  • Sales

  • Public relations

  • Federal government relations

  • State government relations (all 50 states)

  • Public affairs

  • Reputation management

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Legal, regulatory and compliance


We generate value for mid-sized, small, and startup companies across industries. Here are some of the industries in our “sweet spot”:

  • Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Consumer products/ CPG

  • Cleantech

  • Energy

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Nonprofit

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Saudi Arabian Aviation Manufacturer – Developed and implemented US launch and growth strategy. Developed pricing strategy, product development strategy, sales strategy, customer experience process, brand, marketing strategy and marketing materials in the US market. Guided company to achieve #1 market share in $5B category.


German Clean Energy Company – Executed US expansion

strategy and secured multiple contracts worth over $400 million within 2 years. Led strategic planning, regulatory, advocacy, and reputation management.


Danish Ad-Tech SAAS Company – Developed strategic plan to operationalize the business in the US market, including brand position, marketing, products and services, and sales strategies.


Mexico Real Estate Consortium – Assisted state and industry

to market Mexico real estate to US and Canadian consumers. Developed and implemented strategy, marketing, promotion,

digital advertising, social media, and creative services.


Scottish CPG Company – Assisted with US growth strategy

and tactics, including channel strategy, product assortment, promotion, pricing, and distribution.

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Brazilian Sportswear Manufacturer and Retailer – Assisted with business turnaround, including strategic position, branding, category management, product mix, employee incentive system, store design, merchandising, and growth in the US and Brazilian markets.